About Us


Our Story

We were tired of businesses missing the point, over-complicating their story and confusing their customers. In 2011, we opened Vidzal to take complicated messages and make them simple through short videos. It’s not about dumbing things down – but researching to find clarity in your core message.

Today, Vidzal is a market leader for explainer video production and continues to help clients capture attention and motivate action. We create award-winning videos for both funded startups and Fortune 100s, such as Demandbase, GE and Tyson Foods.

We love video.

Your story deserves to be told

We’re an explainer video production team that helps the world’s top companies to simplify and explain their story using video.

We’ve helped everyone from web startups to Fortune 100 companies create stories that get people to care. We’d love to help tell your story.

Our Core Values

Vidzal’s culture lives at the center of being results-driven and people-focused.

Be Uncomfortable

Develop into the best version of yourself by pushing yourself to learn new things. That’s the only way to learn what you’re really capable of.

You will always add value to this organization if you’re willing to try new things, especially if they seem scary. That’s how we grow. And our growth drives our results.

Engage as an Owner

You show ownership by taking initiative. You see what needs to be done and do it. Don’t wait to be assigned a task. Be smart. Help solve problems. Get stuff done.

To be an influential member of this team, you have to own your area of work. Show up. Handle your responsibilities. Ask when you need help. And share your ideas. That’s how we all win together.

Take Care of People

Healthy people live happier lives. They also perform better at work. Be focused, energetic, and positive. Care about each other. Care about our clients. If we do that, there’s no stopping us.

That means you need to also care for yourself. Don’t glorify being busy or burned out. We’re here to help and want you to flourish as part of this team.

Learn New Things

Here you have the chance to be one of the best at what you do. Get better every day. Master your skills. Look for ways to improve on what you already know.

In order to grow, we have to stay humble. We don’t know everything. We don’t expect you to either. Be teachable. Ask for feedback. Share your ideas. Then we’ll grow our reputation for being the best at what we do… together.

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